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Remember: Israel is bad! Its existence keeps reminding Muslims what a bunch of losers they are. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"There will be no peace until they will love their children more than they hate us."

-Golda Meir-
'If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence. If the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel'‎

~Benjamin Netanyahu~
"Peace for us means the destruction of Israel. We are preparing for an all out war, a war which will last for generations.

~Yasser Arafat~
"The Palestinian people have no national identity. I, Yasser Arafat, man of destiny, will give them that identity through conflict with Israel."

~ Yasser Arafat ~
"The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel. For our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of Palestinian people, since Arab national interest demand that we posit the existence of a distinct 'Palestinian people' to oppose Zionism".

~ Zahir Muhse'in ~

Friday, September 10, 2010

List of islamic Terror Attacks for 2 Months

List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 2 Months

2010.09.09RussiaVladikavkaz17123A Shahid drives an explosives-laden vehicle into a market, blasting seventeen shoppers to bits.
2010.09.09SomaliaMogadishu93Five Fedayeen suicide bombers storm an airport and kill nine others, including two women.
2010.09.09PakistanKurram104Militants murder ten bus passengers with an explosive device.
2010.09.09IraqDiyala10A woman is beheaded in her own home by suspected al-Qaeda insurgents.
2010.09.09IraqMuqdadiya11A cleric is beheaded and set on fire by Freedom Fighters.
2010.09.09PakistanQuetta54A suicide bomber detonates inside an official's home, taking five lives.
2010.09.09ThailandYala10Muslims shoot a 52-year-old Buddhist in the head and kick his body under a bridge.
2010.09.08NigeriaBauchi48Boko Haram Islamists assault a prison, killing two employees and two civilians.
2010.09.07IraqSamarra30A married couple are among three family members slain in their home by Sunni gunmen.
2010.09.07ThailandNarathiwat10A young Buddhist is gunned down in an Muslim drive-by attack.
2010.09.07ThailandNarathiwat20Two middle aged Buddhist teachers, husband and wife, are murdered by Islamic radicals.
2010.09.07IraqMosul10A woman is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2010.09.07IraqBaghdad26Mujahid manage to take down two Iraqis with a roadside bomb.
2010.09.07PakistanPunjab20Terrorists murder a man and his nephew.
2010.09.07RussiaBaksanenok10Suspected Islamists assassinate a judge.
2010.09.07IraqBaghdad10A TV anchor who tried to end sectarian violence is shot outside his home by a sectarian faction.
2010.09.07PakistanHangu12A police officer succumbs to injury after clinging to life for a few days following an Islamist bombing.
2010.09.06ThailandPattani20A janitor is among two civilians assassinated by Muslim gunmen in separate attacks.
2010.09.06PakistanKohat2140Women and children are most of the two dozen victims in a powerful suicide blast on their residential compound.
2010.09.06AfghanistanKabul10A 45-year-old news anchor is the target of a 'brutal beheading' near his home.
2010.09.06PakistanQuetta10The body of a lawyer is found riddled with bullets six weeks after his abduction.
2010.09.06IraqSamarra50Five construction workers building a youth center are stabbed and shot to death in a barbaric Mujahideen attack.
2010.09.06PakistanLakki Marwat1946Nine schoolchildren are among nineteen innocent lives snuffed out by Holy Warrior suicide bombers.
2010.09.06TajikistanDushanbe07Fundamentalists toss a bomb into a disco.
2010.09.06AfghanistanBaghlan20The Taliban kill a district governor and his bodyguard in an ambush.
2010.09.06AfghanistanPaktika35Freedom fighters shoot three children to death.
2010.09.06AlgeriaTebessa20Fundamentalists kill two local security personnel with a bomb.
2010.09.06AlgeriaSkikda32al-Qaeda murder three local cops with a roadside bomb.
2010.09.06ThailandYala10A middle-aged woman is shot to death by Mujahid while walking home.
2010.09.05IraqBaghdad1236Six Fedayeen attack a government building, killing a dozen Iraqis.
2010.09.05DagestanBuinaksk536A Shahid suicide car bomber sends five other souls to Allah.
2010.09.05YemenAbyan30Three people are shot to death in an al-Qaeda ambush.
2010.09.05NigeriaBorno24A trader is among two men shot to death by Boko Haram Islamists.
2010.09.05PakistanPunjab10An oil rig driver is killed by Islamic snipers.
2010.09.04AfghanistanKandahar311Three civilians including a child are blown to bits by a Fedayeen martyr.
2010.09.04PakistanSindh20The wife and nephew of a police officer are murdered by suspected radicals.
2010.09.04AfghanistanGhazni10Sunni extremists behead a Shia businessman.
2010.09.04DagestanMakhachkala13Terrorists manage to kill one person with a car bomb.
2010.09.04AghanistanFaryab35Three local cops are exterminated in a brutal ambush.
2010.09.04AfghanistanKunduz717A child is among seven murdered by a Shahid suicide bomber outside a butcher shop.
2010.09.04ThailandPattani11Islamist open fire on two civilians riding a motorcycle, killing one.
2010.09.03TajikistanKhujand225A suicide bomber injures twenty-five and kills 2.
2010.09.03IraqBaghdad44Four Iraqis are shot or blown up around the country by Mujahideen.
2010.09.03AzerbaijanGumbashly11One dead as a 'religious dispute' between mosque members results in gunfire.
2010.09.03PakistanMardan12A Sunni suicide bomber detonates at an Ahmadiyya (minority sect) mosque, killing one.
2010.09.03PakistanQuetta73149Over sixty innocents are slaughtered when a suicide bomber targets a Shia procession.
2010.09.03IraqMosul10An imam is gunned down outside his mosque by Religion of Peace rivals.
2010.09.03PakistanPeshawar13Muslim militants slay a local cop with a roadside bomber.
2010.09.03SomaliaGalgala50At least five Puntland soliders are killed in an ambush by Islamic militants.
2010.09.02PakistanTurbat28Sunni gunmen open fire on a bus full of Shia pilgrims, killing at least two.
2010.09.02ThailandPattani11A 35-year-old man is murdered in an Islamist drive-by.
2010.09.02SudanTabra7479Janjiweed militia on camels sweep through a market and slaughter over seventy people, including eighteen children.
2010.09.02PakistanBajaur12A female teacher is shot to death by Holy Warriors.
2010.09.02PakistanKyber10Mujahideen kidnap and brutally murder a taxi driver returning from a friend's funeral.
2010.09.02IraqBaghdad20A taxi driver and senior education ministry official are gunned down in separate attacks.
2010.09.02IraqBaiji25Suspected al-Qaeda shoot two opponents to death.
2010.09.01AfghanistanKandahar22Two Afghans are blown to bits by a Taliban bomb hidden on a motorcycle.
2010.09.01AfghanistanHelmand015Fifteen people at a market are badly injured, many with limbs torn from their bodies, by a Taliban blast.
2010.09.01PakistanLahore43270Over thirty Shia pilgrims in a procession are dismantled by a car bomb blast and two Sunni suicide bombers.
2010.09.01ThailandYala10A 49-year-old security worker is shot to death as he is riding home from work.
2010.09.01ThailandPattani20A Buddhist couple in their 50's are brutally murdered by Jihadi gunmen.
2010.09.01IraqMosul36A woman is among three Iraqis taken down by a Jihadi bombing and shooting attack.
2010.09.01AlgeriaBoumerdes226A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills two local soldiers and injures dozens more.
2010.09.01PakistanKarachi10A young mother is burned to death by her in-laws in a suspected honor killing.
2010.09.01IsraelSamaria02A rabbi and his wife are shot by Palestinian terrorists while riding in their car.
2010.08.31IraqMosul21Two brothers are shot to death by suspected Mujahideen.
2010.08.31AfghanistanBadakhshan30Three Oxmam humanitarian workers are taken out in a brutal roadside blast.
2010.08.31IsraelHebron40A pregnant woman is among four young Jews gunned down in cold blood by Hamas terrorists.
2010.08.31IndiaBandipora12An Indian soldier is ambushed and killed by Pakistani terrorists.
2010.08.31AfghanistanKabul312Three supreme court employees are riddled with bullets by Holy Warriors.
2010.08.31IndiaKishtwar10A cop is murdered inside his home by Hizb-ul- Mujahideen.
2010.08.31PakistanKurram71At least one woman and two children are among seven murdered in two home invasions by Religion of Peace radicals.
2010.08.31SomaliaMogadishu814Five men and three women are taken down by al-Shabaab bombers.
2010.08.31SomaliaLas Anod10A man is shot outside his doorstep by Islamic militia.
2010.08.31AfghanistanKabul110Eleven US troops on security patrol are killed in three roadside bombings.
2010.08.30AfghanistanHelman10An Estonian solder is murdered by Taliban bombers.
2010.08.30AfghanistanJalalabad13The Taliban assassinate a local official with a bomb.
2010.08.30IraqBaghdad13Jihadi car bombers kill a civilian.
2010.08.30SomaliaMogadishu48Four guards at the presidential palace are killed during an al-Shabaab mortar attack.
2010.08.29IraqMosul512A woman is among five Iraqis murdered by Islamic terrorists.
2010.08.29PhilippinesBukidnon02'Irate Muslims' throw a grenade into a Catholic church during mass.
2010.08.29ChechnyaTsentoroi75A wave of armed Islamists attack a village, killing at least seven.
2010.08.29ThailandPattani20A middle-aged Buddhist couple are shot to death in their pickup by Islamic separatists.
2010.08.29AfghanistanKabul60Five election workers and a candidate are kidnapped and murdered by Taliban freedom fighters.
2010.08.29PakistanKhyber24The Taliban kill two local soldiers with a roadside bomb.
2010.08.29ThailandNarathiwat10A 2-year-old boy dies after being shot in the head by Muslim militants.
2010.08.28ThailandNarathiwat10A 40-year-old man is shot in the head by Muslim militants.
2010.08.28PakistanKhyber10A local soldier is kidnapped and shot full of holes by Mujahideen.
2010.08.28YemenAbyan102Ten local soldiers are ambushed and killed by terrorists who burn their bodies while chanting 'Allah akbar.'
2010.08.27PakistanGhaziabad10A 35-year-old mother of three is killed by her brother on suspicion of unauthorized sex.
2010.08.27NigeriaBorno30Boko Haram Islamists shoot three policemen to death in two drive-bys.
2010.08.27IraqShurqat33A suspected al-Qaeda attack leaves three dead.
2010.08.27IraqBaaj30Three Iraqis are gunned down by Muhahid.
2010.08.27IraqMahaweel20A blast takes down two civilians.
2010.08.27ThailandYala10A young woman is shot to death by Religion of Peace proponents.
2010.08.27ThailandPattani10A 21-year-old man is murdered by Muslim gunmen.
2010.08.27IraqMosul10The body of a Christian man is found several days after he is kidnapped.
2010.08.27IraqKirkuk13A child is taken down by Islamic bombers.
2010.08.27IraqMosul20A middle-aged Buddhist couple is brutally murdered by Muslim gunmen as they are returning from market.
2010.08.26ThailandNarathiwat10A 30-year-old teacher is shot to death by Islamic radicals while leaving school.
2010.08.26AfghanistanKunduz81Eight policemen are machine-gunned to death by Taliban ambushers.
2010.08.26ThailandPattani10A 42-year-old civilian dies from injuries after being shot twice in the chest by Muslim militants.
2010.08.26SomaliaMogadishu148Fourteen Somalis are shredded by two al-Shabaab bomb blasts.
2010.08.26IraqMosul411Children are among the casualties in a series of Mujahideen attacks.
2010.08.26IraqMuqdadiya60Six Sunnis are gunned down by suspected al-Qaeda.
2010.08.26PakistanBajaur10Islamists murder the son of a surrendered militant.
2010.08.26ThailandPattani10A 52-year-old man is killed in a Muslim ambush.
2010.08.26ThailandYala10Muslim terrorists gun down a Buddhist railway worker.
2010.08.26PhilippinesBalili40Maranao Muslims pull four people off a bus and shoot them to death.
2010.08.25IraqBaghdad63277Jihadis take out over sixty Iraqis in a series of coordinated blasts from Basra to Kut.
2010.08.25ThailandPattani10A 57-year-old rubber tapper is killed by drive-by Jihadis.
2010.08.25AfghanistanBadghis30Two Spanish soldiers training local cops are shot to death along with their translator by their driver.
2010.08.25YemenZinjibar41al-Qaeda gunmen on motorcycles massacre four security men in a drive-by.
2010.08.25PakistanSwat36Three Christian aid workers helping flood victims are kidnapped and murdered by Islamic fundamentalists.
2010.08.25PakistanBajaur10Islamic militants shoot a tax collector to death on his way home.
2010.08.25PakistanMohmand22A mother and her 9-year-old child are brutally murdered by Islamist gunmen.
2010.08.24PakistanBajaur10A young man is abducted and murdered by Tehreek-e-Taliban.
2010.08.24SomaliaMogadishu33150A barbaric assault on a hotel by Muslim terrorists leaves women, children and more than a dozen visiting lawmakers dead.
2010.08.24IraqBaqubah313Three Iraqis are taken out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2010.08.24IraqBaghdad30A man at a market and another in his home are among three gunned down by Muslim assassins.
2010.08.24PakistanPeshawar10A peace activist and father is killed in captivity by Sunni militants.
2010.08.24MaliBamako10An older pensioner taken prisoner by al-Qaeda is murdered in captivity.
2010.08.24IraqFallujah22Two children are successfully killed by Mujahideen bombers in a blast that also leaves their mother wounded.
2010.08.23PakistanSouth Waziristan2640A suicide bomber at a seminary sends two-dozen other souls to Allah.
2010.08.23PakistanMatni33Three people are blown to bits by Mujahid bombers at a market
2010.08.23IraqBaghdad315A mortar attack and separate bombing at a coffee shop leave three dead.
2010.08.23ThailandPattani24Two civilians are machine-gunned to death by Muslim insurgents in separate attacks.
2010.08.23PakistanLandikotal20Local Taliban burn two men alive in their truck.
2010.08.23IraqBaiji70Suspected al-Qaeda shoot seven oil workers to death.
2010.08.23PakistanKurram810Islamist bombers take out seven tribal elders and a teacher at a school.
2010.08.22IraqMussayab111One employee is killed when a sectarian bomb blast rips through a store.
2010.08.22PakistanPeshawar13A civilian is taken down in a militant ambush.
2010.08.22PakistanDera Ismail Khan10Sunni terrorists gun down an innocent Shia father of two young children.
2010.08.22IndiaKulgam20A mother and her teen daughter are brutally murdered in their own home by Religion of Peace gunmen.
2010.08.22TajikistanDushanbe51Islamic militants beat five prison guards to death.
2010.08.22IndiaPulwama10Islamic radicals murder the son of a welfare employee.
2010.08.21AfghanistanHelmand60Six Afghan cops are bound and executed by religious hardliners.
2010.08.21DagestanKizlyar13Children are among the casualties when Jihadis attempt to blow up a passing car.
2010.08.21PakistanBaghlia65Six members of a peace committee are blow to bits by Mujahid bombers.
2010.08.21IraqBaghdad31Three cops are taken down by Islamic terrorists in separate attacks.
2010.08.21AfghanistanPaktika85Eight Afghans are murdered by Taliban bombers in two attacks.
2010.08.21AfghanistanHeart20Two men are shot to death by the Taliban (the second in Kandahar).
2010.08.21EthiopiaAddis Ababa01A popular church leader is brutally assaulted by Muslims with wooden clubs.
2010.08.20AfghanistanHelmand3017Some thirty workers and guards are massacred when Islamic fundamentalists assault a construction company.
2010.08.20PakistanDera Ismail Khan21Islamic militants are suspected of gunning down two cops.
2010.08.20IraqBaghdad36Jihadis shoot an electrical worker to death and take out two other civilians with a bomb.
2010.08.20PakistanSanghar10A leader of the peaceful Ahmadi sect is shot in the head by orthodox Sunni.
2010.08.20YemenLoder110Eleven local soldiers are killed when al-Qaeda militants fire a rocket into a passing vehicle.
2010.08.20AfghanistanKandahar10A civilian is brutally executed and tied between two roadside bombs by the Taliban.
2010.08.20ThailandYala10A 63-year-old civilian is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2010.08.19AfghanistanLogar20The bodies of two men are discovered after they were kidnapped and murdered in captivity.
2010.08.19ChinaXinjiang714An explosives-laden vehicle is plowed into a crowd and detonated, leaving seven dead.
2010.08.19PakistanOrakzai10A security guard is gunned down by Muslim militants.
2010.08.19AfghanistanNangarhar214Two civilians are killed when the Taliban blow up a fuel truck.
2010.08.19AlgeriaBaghlia34Fundamentalists ambush a group of soldiers, killing three.
2010.08.19IraqMosul34A kidnapped civilian is among three Iraqis murdered in separate attacks.
2010.08.19YemenAbyan21al-Qaeda militants machine-gun two cops to death at point-blank range.
2010.08.18IndiaSopore12Islamic militants attack a lawmaker's home, killing a guard.
2010.08.18IraqMosul42Four Iraqis are taken down in separate terror attacks.
2010.08.18IraqTikrit23Two civilians are blown to bits by a Jihadi bomb.
2010.08.18IraqDiyala30Three brothers are brutally murdered on their own farm by Mujahideen.
2010.08.18IndiaKulgam20Two civilians grazing cattle are abducted and murdered by Religion of Peace radicals.
2010.08.18Pal. Auth.Gaza10A 62-year-old woman is murdered outside her own home by Islamic fundamentalists.
2010.08.18AfghanistanKandahar10A suicide bomber takes out an Afghan cop.
2010.08.18PakistanNazimabad10A children's doctor is shot to death by sectarian rivals.
2010.08.17SomaliaMogadishu12A civilian is killed when Mujahideen toss a grenade at a police station.
2010.08.17RussiaNorth Ossetia223Two people are dead and twenty-three others injured in a suicide attack and separate cafe bombing.
2010.08.17IraqBaghdad61129Over sixty young Iraqis lining up for work are senselessly cut to shreds by a Shahid suicide nail-bomber.
2010.08.17IraqDiyala30An auditor and two judges are assassinated by Islamic terrorists in separate attacks.
2010.08.17PakistanKarachi10A leader of a minority religious sect is gunned down by mainstream rivals.
2010.08.17PakistanPeshawar20Two civilians are murdered at a mosque by Taliban gunmen.
2010.08.17IraqBaghdad1046Sunni militants detonate a fuel tanker in a Shia neighborhood, incinerating ten innocents.
2010.08.17AfghanistanZabul20A man and his wife are shot to death in their home by religious extremists.
2010.08.17AfghanistanSpin Boldak80Eight civilians are murdered by a Taliban bomb attack on a home.
2010.08.16SomaliaMogadishu953Nine refugees are killed when al-Shabaab Islamists attack a displaced persons camp.
2010.08.16AfghanistanKunduz20A couple in their 20's is stoned by Islamic fundamentalists for having sex. The man has to be finished off with a gunshot.
2010.08.16PakistanKarachi40Sunnis shoot four Shia to death in separate attacks.
2010.08.16AfghanistanFarah20Two people are killed when Taliban gunmen fire into a bazaar.
2010.08.16SomaliaElasha Biyaha10A cleric who advocated peace is assassinated by Islamists.
2010.08.16AfghanistanGhazni25A remote-controlled bomb on a bridge takes out two civilians.
2010.08.16AfghanistanHeart52Three women and a child are among five civilians killed by a Taliban bomb attack on their car.
2010.08.16IraqMuqdadiya49Four Iranian pilgrims on a bus are targeted and killed by Sunni bombers. Women and children are among the victims.
2010.08.15IraqJurf al-Sakhar32Three worshippers are shot to death outside a mosque by sectarian rivals.
2010.08.15IraqNumaniya10Muslim gunmen murder an Iraqi pharmacist who had returned from studies in the U.S.
2010.08.14ThailandPattani10A local cop is shot to death by Islamic militants while traveling to work.
2010.08.14ThailandYala20A Buddhist man and wife are brutally murdered by Muslim gunmen while riding to their plantation.
2010.08.14IraqBaghdad615Islamic terrorists take down six Iraqis in a series of attacks, including policemen who were set on fire.
2010.08.14EgyptShimi011Eleven Christians are injured in assaults by Muslims stirred to anger by a local cleric.
2010.08.14AfghanistanKunduz10A local cop is shot to death by Uzbeki Islamists.
2010.08.14IndiaSopore10Islamic terrorists kidnap and murder a civilian.
2010.08.14PakistanSindh28A woman and boy are left dead when Muslim rivals attack each other over where to build a madrasah.
2010.08.14AfghanistanDam Abad31Three children are torn apart by a rocket fired into their home by Islamic hardliners.
2010.08.13AfghanistanHerat412The Taliban ambush a convoy of security guards, killing four.
2010.08.13PakistanQuetta10Sunni fundamentalists are suspected of firing into a barbershop, killing the owner.
2010.08.13YemenLahj10A man is gunned down in an al-Qaeda drive-by outside a mosque.
2010.08.12IraqBaaj40A bomb placed by Jihadis kills four disposal workers.
2010.08.11PakistanKarachi20Two Shias are shot to death by Sunnis in separate drive-by attacks.
2010.08.11IraqBaghdad11Jihadis gun down two cops and kill a civilian with a bomb.
2010.08.11IndiaRajouri221Lashkar e-Toiba terrorists fire on a bus, murdering two civilians, including a woman.
2010.08.11PakistanMohmand13A woman is killed, and her three sons injured, when militants fire a rocket into their home.
2010.08.11IraqSadiya114Islamists lure eight police to their deaths by first killing three members of a family and then booby-trapping the house.
2010.08.10IraqBaghdad516Terrorists take down five Iraqis with two bombs.
2010.08.10AfghanistanHelmand50Five local security personnel are killed when Islamic fundamentalists fire a rocket through their vehicle.
2010.08.10AfghanistanKabul51Blood and body parts are scattered about following a double suicide attack that leaves five Afghans dead.
2010.08.10PakistanMohmand30Three members of a security patrol are killed in an ambush by Islamic militants.
2010.08.10IndiaBaramulla30Islamic radicals machine-gun three cops to death.
2010.08.09IraqBaghdad310Three traffic cops are taken down by Jihadi bombers.
2010.08.09AfghanistanBadghis10A pregnant woman accused of adultery is whipped 200 times and then shot three times in the head by Islamic fundamentalists.
2010.08.09ThailandNarathiwat10Muslim terrorists stab and partially behead a young plantation worker.
2010.08.08IraqFallujah414Four civilians lose their lives in two car bombings.
2010.08.08IndonesiaBekasi012A mob of hundreds of Muslims chase and beat Christian worshippers after disrupting their service.
2010.08.08IraqRamadi850Eight Iraqis are pasted by Jihadi bombers.
2010.08.07AfghanistanHelmand513A bomb hidden in a wheelbarrow leaves five innocents dead.
2010.08.07IraqGarma315al-Qaeda militants detonate a bomb outside a home, killing three residents.
2010.08.07ThailandYala10Muslim terrorists kill an off-duty soldier on his motorcycle.
2010.08.07AfghanistanNuristan100Ten members of a medical team, including Christian doctors, are pulled out of their cars and executed by devout Muslim fundamentalists, who spare an Afghan able to recite the Quran.
2010.08.07ThailandPattani21A Buddhist husband and wife are murdered by Muslim gunmen in their motorcycle shop. Their 4-year-old nephew is wounded.
2010.08.07IraqBasra43185Over forty people are massacred by Islamic terrorists at a market. Most burn to death in a fire caused by bombs.
2010.08.07ThailandNarathiwat10A 43-year-old Buddhist woman is brutally machine-gunned to death by Muslim radicals on her farm.
2010.08.07AfghanistanHelmand10A British father of four is shot to death by a Taliban prisoner who seizes a weapon on his way to a prayer session.
2010.08.07AfghanistanMaiwand11A child is murdered by Sunni bombers.
2010.08.06IraqKirkuk10Muslim radicals shoot a woman to death.
2010.08.06IraqBaghdad213Two civilians are blown to bits by Jihadi bombers.
2010.08.05PakistanQuetta11Islamic militants open fire on an oil tanker, killing the driver.
2010.08.05AfghanistanKunduz713A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders seven local police.
2010.08.05YemenAbyan31al-Qaeda terrorists ambush and kill three members of a patrol.
2010.08.05IraqTikrit30An al-Qaeda attack leaves three people dead.
2010.08.05IraqBaghdad68Two shootings by terrorists take down six Iraqis.
2010.08.05PhilippinesZamboanga524A suicide bomber at an airport murders five other people.
2010.08.05IraqAbu Ghraib30A woman is among three people shot to death in their home by Muslim radicals.
2010.08.05IngushetiaNazran20Two cops are gunned down by suspected Islamic separatists.
2010.08.05IndiaBaramulla12Islamic militants fire on a security patrol, killing one member.
2010.08.04PakistanPeshawar411A hero cop is among four blown apart by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2010.08.04ThailandPattani10A Buddhist is gunned down in an Islamist drive-by.
2010.08.04AfghanistanHelmand10A young child is killed in a fundamentalist IED attack.
2010.08.04SomaliaBondhere312Three cleaning women are exterminated by an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
2010.08.04AfghanistanUruzgan11Terrorists detonate a bomb at a bazaar, killing one civilian.
2010.08.03IraqBaghdad50The Islamic State of Iraq machine-guns five soldiers to death at point-blank range.
2010.08.03IraqKut1255Two car bombs at a market leave a dozen people dead and fifty others wounded.
2010.08.03IraqMosul915Two vicious bombings leave nine Iraqis dead.
2010.08.03DagestanMakhachkala20Two police officers are assassinated by Islamic separatists at a market.
2010.08.02AfghanistanFaryab43Four civilians are cut to pieces by Taliban gunmen.
2010.08.02JordanAqaba15A Palestinian rocket attack on an Israeli resort overshoots its mark and kills a taxi driver in Jordan.
2010.08.02IraqBaghdad1022A coffee shop and a residential neighborhood are among a series of bomb blast sites that leave ten dead.
2010.08.02IraqFallujah37A 4-year-old girl is among three sleeping family members murdered by Islamic bombers.
2010.08.02AfghanistanKandahar51Five children are blown apart by a suicide car bomber.
2010.08.01PakistanSouth Waziristan20Religious extremists kill two local soldiers with a roadside bomb.
2010.07.31IraqTarmiya38Three civilians on a minibus are taken out by Jihadi bombers.
2010.07.31IraqYusufiya411Four rescue workers are lured to the scene of an earlier bombing and then blasted in a second attack.
2010.07.31PakistanNorth Waziristan20Two Afghan refugees are abducted and shot to death by Islamic fundamentalists.
2010.07.30IraqBuhriz40Four members of a family are blasted to death by al-Qaeda bombers.
2010.07.30AfghanistanKunduz319Children are among the casualites when a suicide bomber detonates at a soccer game.
2010.07.30PakistanKarachi10A young pregnant woman is tortured and murdered in a suspected honor killing.
2010.07.30AfghanistanKandahar21A mother and child are exterminated by Jihadi bombers.
2010.07.29PakistanKurram100Shia terrorists pull ten Sunnis from their homes and shoot them to death, then torch the houses.
2010.07.29AfghanistanGhazni83Eight security guards are ambushed and murdered by religious extremists.
2010.07.29IraqShurqat411A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes down four Iraqis.
2010.07.29IraqAdhamiya1614al-Qaeda terrorists stage a brutal attack on a neighborhood, killing sixteen people and burning their bodies.
2010.07.28IraqMosul56A young girl is among five Iraqis murdered in a series of Mujahideen attacks.
2010.07.28AfghanistanHeart20Two Italian soldiers are killed by a Taliban roadside bomb while guarding a highway.
2010.07.28AfghanistanZabul63Six civilians are killed in two Taliban roadside bombings.
2010.07.28AfghanistanNimroz2520Twenty-five bus passengers are murdered in a bloody bombing by Sunni fundamentalists.
2010.07.28IraqKarbala1637Jihadis take down sixteen innocents in a rocket attack.
2010.07.28IraqBaghdad615Six people waiting in line at a bank lose their place in life, courtesy of Muslim bombers.
2010.07.28IraqFallujah28Children are among the casualties of an Islamic bombing outside a rival mosque.
2010.07.27ThailandNarathiwat10A 50-year-old villager is murdered outside his hom by Muslim gunmen.
2010.07.27ThailandPattani20Two civilians are shot to death by Muslim militants in separate drive-bys.
2010.07.27IraqMosul20Suspected Islamists storm a home and kill a woman and her son.
2010.07.27IraqBaghdad14A civilian is taken out by a roadside bomb.
2010.07.27ThailandYala10A 26-year-old man is gunned down by Islamic insurgents.
2010.07.27NigeriaMaiduguri320At least thirty-two policemen are assassinated and 'roasted like animals' by Boko Haram Islamists.
2010.07.27SomaliaMogadishu1340At least thirteen civilians are killed when Hizbul Islam terrorists attack a government building.
2010.07.26IraqKarbalah4068Sunni bombers take out about forty Shia pilgrims in twin bombings.
2010.07.26PakistanPeshawar823Two children are among eight people murdered when a suicide bomber detonates outside the home of a family mourning an earlier killing.
2010.07.26IraqBaghdad416A suicide bomber targets a news channel staff, killing four members.
2010.07.26PakistanDarra Adamkhel50Three children are killed when Islamic terrorists fire a rocket into a family home.
2010.07.26PaksitanSwat44Islamic gunmen ambush a family vehicle, leaving four dead, including two children.
2010.07.26ThailandPattani10A 55-year-old Buddhist teacher is shot to death by Islamic militants while driving home.
2010.07.26YemenLahej49al-Qaeda gunmen take down four local soldiers in an ambush.
2010.07.25YemenShabwa60Six soldiers sitting in a car are machine-gunned to death by al-Qaeda at point-blank range.
2010.07.25AlgeriaKabylie18A suicide bomber murders a night watchman.
2010.07.25MaliBaskno10al-Qaeda beheads a 78-year-old French hostage.
2010.07.25PakistanKhyber20Mujahideen pull two occupants out of a vehicle and shoot them in the back of the head.
2010.07.25IraqMosul72A child is among seven Iraqis killed in a Jihad bombing and separate shooting attack.
2010.07.24AfghanistanKhost120Muslim radicals plant a bomb in a mosque that kills one person.
2010.07.24DagestanKizlyarsky30Muslim militants shoot three local soldiers to death in their vehicle.
2010.07.24PakistanNaushehra11A young man is gunned down by the Taliban while standing outside his home.
2010.07.24IraqBasra14An innocent civilian is murdered by a Jihad bomber.
2010.07.24IraqMosul218A shooting and a bombing at a store, leave two people dead.
2010.07.23AfghanistanLogar11The Taliban ambush a vehicle carrying two US sailors, killing one and kidnapping the other.
2010.07.23PakistanBajaur30The Taliban blow three members of a peace committee to kingdom come.
2010.07.23PakistanLahore15A police officer is taken down in an Islamist bombing.
2010.07.23JordanDeir Alla10A man machine-guns his 16-year-old niece after she loses her virginity from a sexual assault.
2010.07.23DagestanChernyaevka24Children are among the casualties when Muslim gunmen open up on a school bus in one of two separate attacks.
2010.07.23IndiaPoonch11An army officer is killed by a terrorist landmine.
2010.07.23AfghanistanKandahar22Two local cops are blown to bits by Sunni bombers.
2010.07.22PakistanRawalpindi02Two Christian girls are gang-raped by Muslims.
2010.07.22YemenAtaq61Six local soldiers are taken down in an al-Qaeda ambush.
2010.07.22IndiaKishtwar10A 42-year-old contractor is abducted, tied up, tortured and then beheaded by Holy Warriors.
2010.07.22IraqMosul910An imam and a baker are among nine people murdered in various ways in several Mujahid attacks.
2010.07.22IraqBaghdad315Muslim terrorists send rockets into a commercial district, killing three people.
2010.07.21IndiaKishtwar10Mujahideen beat a shopkeeper in his home in front of his family, then pull him out and shoot him.
2010.07.21RussiaBaksanskaya20Islamic militants murder two guards at a power plant.
2010.07.21ThailandPattani10A civilian is gunned down by Muslim militants while on his way home from a tea shop.
2010.07.21IraqMosul11A woman is killed, and her child injured, by Jihadi bombers.
2010.07.21SomaliaMogadishu14Islamic militants enter a Christian home, gun down the father in front of the family and kidnap his wife and children.
2010.07.21IraqAbu Saida1544At least fifteen innocents are blown to bits in a bombing outside a mosque.
2010.07.20YemenHarf Sufyan3412Thirty-four people are killed when two Shiite groups clash over 'ideological differences.'
2010.07.20IraqQurat Tabba822Jihadis blow up a market, killing at least eight patrons.
2010.07.20IraqQsaireen68Six Iranian pilgrims are sent straight to Allah by a Sunni suicide bomber at a restaurant.
2010.07.20AfghanistanBaghlan60Six police officers are beheaded by Islamic fundamentalists.
2010.07.20KenyaLiboi11al-Shabaab snipers attack a Kenyan military patrol across the border, killing one officer.
2010.07.20AfghanistanMazar-i-Sharif32Two NATO civilians and an Afghan soldier are gunned down by a rogue Afghan soldier.
2010.07.20PakistanKhar10A local soldiers is shot to death in a terrorist ambush.
2010.07.19AfghanistanKandahar64Religious extremists assassinate six local police with a roadside bomb.
2010.07.19PakistanFaislabad21Two Christian brothers who were pastors, are accused of blasphemy and then brutally gunned down outside a courthouse while in chains.
2010.07.19IraqFallujah10al-Qaeda members kill a local leader with a car bomb.
2010.07.19IraqMosul45A Fedayeen suicide bomber plows into another vehicle and detonates, leaving at least four dead.
2010.07.19IraqBaqubah415Holy warriors bomb a cafe killing four Iraqis.
2010.07.18AfghanistanKabul342Sunni fundamentalists take out three civilians in a bomb attack.
2010.07.18PakistanSargodha620Six Shia worshippers lose their lives, and several others are dismembered when a Sunni suicide bomber visits their mosque.
2010.07.18IraqBalasim4850Nearly fifty people are shredded into pieces by suicide bombers striking two crowds.
2010.07.18ThailandPattani20A middle-aged Buddhist man is among two people shot to death by Islamists in separate attacks.
2010.07.18ThailandNarathiwat10A Malaysian karaoke bar owner is shot to death by Muslim extremists.
2010.07.18SomaliaMogadishu1243A dozen people are left dead after a reported al-Shabaab attack.
2010.07.18SomaliaLasanod10Islamic militants assassinate a court official.
2010.07.17AlgeriaTebessa40Four people are killed in a suspected al-Qaeda bombing.
2010.07.17IraqTuz Khormato23Two boys are murdered in what is thought to be a sectarian bombing.
2010.07.17PakistanKurram182A brutal ambush on Shia civilians by Sunni radicals leaves eighteen dead.
2010.07.17NigeriaJos1014Young children are among ten Christians hacked to death in their homes by Muslims, who also burn a church.
2010.07.16PakistanTirah Valley1014Three children are among ten innocents blown to bits at a marketplace by Religion of Peace advocates.
2010.07.16DagestanMakhachkala10A Pentacostal pastor and father of five is shot in the head by Muslim extremists.
2010.07.16IraqAbu Ghraib32Jihadis take down three Iraqis with a roadside bomb.
2010.07.16IraqFallujah20A teacher is among two civilians shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
2010.07.16PakistanNorth Waziristan20The Taliban execute two men by strapping dynamite to their bodies.
2010.07.16ThailandYala21A 53-year-old Buddhist woman bleeds to death after Islamists set off two bombs, killing two people.
2010.07.16EthiopiaAddis Ababa01A Christian convert is brutally beaten by angry Muslims.
2010.07.16TurkeyDiyarbakir10A young member of an Islamist organization is arrested for strangling his 17-year-old sister in an honor killing a month earlier.
2010.07.15IraqTikrit915A Mujahid car bomb along a city street takes down nine Iraqis.
2010.07.15IranZahedan2780At least twenty-seven people are killed when a Sunni suicide bomber takes out a mosque full of Shia worshippers.
2010.07.15PakistanMingora645Six innocents are taken down by a suicide bomber, including women and children.
2010.07.15IraqMahmoudiya210Two people are killed by a bomb planted on a motorcycle.
2010.07.15PakistanSukkur56Five members of a church, including the pastor are brutally shot to death outside the building by Religion of Peace advocates.
2010.07.14YemenZijibar310Hooded al-Qaeda militants assault a government building. At least three defenders are killed.
2010.07.14IraqAmiriya47Three women and a child are brutally slaughtered in the home of a Sufi cleric by sectarian Jihadis.
2010.07.14ThailandYala10A villager is gunned down by Islamic terrorists.
2010.07.14PakistanBostikhel20Two brothers are abducted and beheaded by religious extremists.
2010.07.14IraqBaghdad10A university professor is assassinated by suspected fundamentalists.
2010.07.14IraqBaghdad24Jihadis take down two civilians with a roadside bomb.
2010.07.13AfghanistanHelmand34A 'renegade' Afghan soldier shoots three British (Gurkha) troops to death in their sleep.
2010.07.13AfghanistanPaktika20Two security guards are sent to Allah by Taliban roadside bombers.
2010.07.13IraqBaghdad25Two local cops are taken down by Jihad bombers.
2010.07.13AfghanistanHelmand90Sunni hardliners manage to take down nine Afghan civilians by bombing their minibus.
2010.07.13IraqYusufiya50Five members of a family are brutally slaughtered in their own home by al-Qaeda.
2010.07.13IraqKhalis37Three people are killed by a terrorist bombing while protesting terrorist bombings.
2010.07.13AfghanistanUruzgan10Fundamentalists set up a fake roadblock and then shoot a motorist to death.
2010.07.13AfghanistanKandahar99A suicide bomb attack on an Afghan security headquarters leaves nine dead, including five civilians.
2010.07.13PakistanKarachi01A Christian woman is raped and then thrown from a roof by a Muslim doctor.
2010.07.13DagestanDerbent13Terrorists fire on a group of youth, killing one.
2010.07.13PakistanKarachi10A woman is shot to death by her son in an honor killing.
2010.07.12AfghanistanHelmand021Twenty-one civilians are wounded by a Taliban blast at a crowded bazaar.
2010.07.12IndiaNadia03Three Hindu girls are gang-raped and tortured by a group of Muslims. The youngest two are 13-years-old.
2010.07.12PakistanOrakzai14Islamists blow up a primary school and kill a security official.
2010.07.12PakistanKarachi11A seminary teacher's driver is killed during an assassination attempt by disgruntled fundamentalists.
2010.07.12ThailandNarathiwat11Islamic insurgents ambush and murder a 55-year-old cop.
2010.07.11UgandaKampala7665Over seventy innocent people watching the World Cup are blown to bits in two separate bombings by Islamic extremists.
2010.07.11PakistanQuetta10A man is kidnapped and tortured to death by sectarian rivals.
2010.07.11IndiaDoda10A civilian is cut down outside his home by Mujahideen gunmen.
2010.07.11IraqDania12A civilian is killed in a Jihad bombing.

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