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'If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence. If the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel'‎

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"Peace for us means the destruction of Israel. We are preparing for an all out war, a war which will last for generations.

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"The Palestinian people have no national identity. I, Yasser Arafat, man of destiny, will give them that identity through conflict with Israel."

~ Yasser Arafat ~
"The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel. For our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of Palestinian people, since Arab national interest demand that we posit the existence of a distinct 'Palestinian people' to oppose Zionism".

~ Zahir Muhse'in ~

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When Allah Does Not Know

by Imran Hossain

[This write-up might be sensitive for mainstream Muslims. If you are one of them, please be advised to read it at your own risk.]

When I was 16 about 6 years ago, I started thinking of Allah's book "Koran" and some sciences. I am from a Muslim family that's how I know Islam. In addition, I am one of the luckiest people from the Muslim society who had read Koran by knowing its words in English. Except Arabs 99 % Muslims do not even know the proper Islam and Koran. If you are a Muslim, you are already brainwashed in the childhood by the Islamists that Allah is almighty or super powerful in all circumstances, so it is a very simple thing to understand that He knows everything of us, the Universe and so on. Otherwise, it would be funny to imagine something is God.

God or Allah has to be the only one for all human beings, no discrimination is applicable here. But, based on the information from Holy Koran, I can produce here some logical issues. When I read Holy Koran, I compare its verses with some logics. I do not find the answers of my questions after reading Koran. Let me write just a few general phenomenons which Allah should know and inform us because He is almighty. However, I am not going to write why there are no Newton's laws, Einstein's theory, etc in Holy Koran. These would not fit my claims. But, after reading Holy Koran I find super powerful Allah does not know lots of things what we need today that's why there are still some FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) left.

1) Earth Is Spherical (Round): There is no doubt to almost everybody that we could know the earth is round in favour of the laws of science; however, almighty Allah's vision proves the Earth is flat. This is why still only some illiterate Mullahs do not trust the Earth is oval. Allah is all-powerful and He created us and the Universe, therefore, why doesn't he know the earth is spherical? Can anyone produce in debate any verses from Holy Koran where He explained the acceptable information on earth?

2) The Time Difference: Every region on Earth does not have the same time. When it is 6 pm and Monday in Bangladesh, it is 4 am and Sunday in BC, Canada. If you pray Johar Namaz in Bangladesh and take a flight to Saudi Arab, you get the time again for Johar Namaz. So, would you start praying again Johar Namaz? Allah is almighty, why doesn't He mention in Holy Koran the time distinction and how people would pray in that case above? Or He does not know it! So far I know that the Keamot (Doom Day) will start on Friday in the evening. Yet, when it is evening in Bangladesh, it is morning in Americas, so, where will this doom commence?

3) Movement of the Earth: The Earth is always moving. It revolves around the Sun every 365 days at a speed of about 30 km/sec. Moreover, the Earth also has an axis, and it rotates on its axis every 24 hours at a speed of about 1670 km/hr. But, almighty Allah is not familiar with it. On top of it He explained some wrong phenomenon in Holy Koran that Earth is motionless.

4) People Other Than Arabians: Surprisingly almighty Allah did not reveal even a word that people could be living in Australia, Greenland, North and South America and many other areas. He does not even know what those people are like. He was absolutely failed to send any information about Eskimos, Red-Indians (Native American Indian), Pacific-Islanders, Latin Americans, and many more. Are there any verses in Koran where I get to know about them?

5) The Pole Regions: It is so amazing when super powerful Allah does not know North and South Pole. These areas are so cold. However, some people like Eskimos live there. It is possible to find six-month daylight hours and six-month hours of darkness a year in the poles. Almighty Allah did not give any clue how people like Eskimos would practice Roza and five-time-pray a day in those above places. Are there any verses in Holy Koran where I can figure out the cold regions?

6) The Universe: According to Koran, Allah stays above the Sky which is far away from Earth. It is so miraculous that He did not post any messages to His messenger about the Solar System which contains the Earth, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, and so on. This question shows up because supreme Allah just mentions about the Sky, Sun, Earth, Moon, Stars, etc which can be seen with open eyes from the deserts, and He points out some related verses only about those.

7) The Air: The more we go up to the sky after 16-Kelometre from the Earth's surface, the more we lose gases like Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen. Therefore, it would be unable to breathe for any life up the sky. But, surprisingly, Prophet Mohamed went up to the sky with Burakh to talk to Allah. But, how did Mohamed inhale (through Oxygen mask and Cylinder???) and operate the super speedy rocket Burakh? If almighty Allah created this vast Universe, why didn't he expose that any type of species can NOT take breathe after crossing up a certain height from the sea level? As we know through sciences that no Planet is appropriate other than the Earth for lives in the Universe. But, how much gas can be found in the seven Heavens? We know these stay far way from the Earth's surface.

8) Test Tube and Cloning Baby: How would merciful Allah tolerate when Kaffir scientists steal his formula to create human or other species through the test tube and cloning? Did this super powerful God ever mention or know that people (of course Kaffirs) can give birth human baby or other species by cloning and using test tubes without His permission? Can any Muslims demonstrate me any related verses from Holy Koran?

9) Religion Other Than Islam, Jewish, and Christian: Allah is almighty, no doubt of it. But, there are numerous people from other religions who do not have any faith in Allah. They believe different Gods of course other than Him. If we have to believe in Him, now my question is why almighty Allah did not specifically mention about Shik (Punjabi), religions of the tribes' such as Chakma, Garo; Native American Indians' religions, Hinduisms, and many other religions. Does He really know there could be various religions other than Islam, Jewish and Christian? Or He did not want to tell us His competitors.

10) Creation of the Earth and Heaven: There is no doubt to all Muslims that Allah is almighty, but He is confused how many days he took to create the Earth and Heaven. In some Surah, he mentioned he takes two days (41:9), and in other some Surahs (11:7, 10:3 & 7:54), He quotes six days. Why wasn't powerful Allah able to create the Earth and Heaven at a precise day? And why does He make mistakes to state the correct days in Holy Koran?

11) Creation of Human Beings: Almighty Allah plays a game with His followers. He mentioned that we are created from clot of congealed blood (96:2, 75:38). A blood clot can NOT develop anything. New modern sciences state that the formation of human embryo is a seamless continuation from conception to the birth, so, there are no rigid boundaries of stages as Allah told. According to the modern embryologists including Prof. Moore of Canada, the creation of bones and clothing of bones with flesh is the tissue from which bone originates, known as mesoderm, is the same tissue as that from which muscle (flesh) develops. Thus, bone and muscles begin to develop at the same time; it is nothing but true that this does not follow Allah's theory. In addition, most of the muscle tissues that we human have are laid down before birth, however bones keep on expanding and fortifying (strengthen with calcium) right into one's teenage years. Therefore, it would make sense if almighty said that muscles starts developing at the same time as bones, but completed their development earlier. The idea that bones are clothed with flesh is not only completely wrong or false in a scientific way, but also this theory was directly stolen from the ancient Greek Doctor Galen's hypothesis. Is it possible to believe in this powerful God who steals the theory from someone? Does almighty Allah really know how we are created?

12) Fate of Pre-Islamic and Other People: What would be to the people who died before Islam come to this mortal Earth? Do they go to Hell or Heaven? Did almighty Allah send any messages regarding the afterlife for pre-Islamic people? And did he disclose any clear verses about the afterlife of those who do not even know Islam like Eskimos, Red-Indians (Native American Indian), Latinos, Native Australians, various types of tribes, and many more? If those people whether go to Heaven or Hell, why should they go, for what reasons? Did almighty Allah ever know them? Did He give us any specific detail information for them in Holy Koran?

13) Species Other Than Human-Being: Almighty and merciful Allah just knows how to create (of course in a wrong process) human being with clotted blood (?) by using His own formula. However, He did not mention even a single word how He creates other species such as dinosaurs, cows, apes, fish, and so on. Biologically, they have lives like us. It would be so funny to trust a super powerful God like Allah who does not even know and mention how other species are created?

14) The Trees'/Plants' Lives: It is ridiculous that almighty Allah did/does not know the trees/plants have lives. Muslims are not allowed to place even an image which has life like people and animals. This is why Muslims are permitted to put only the portraits of flowers and plants in the Masques and homes. Several hundred years back, for the first time, a kaffir scientist proved that trees/plants have lives just like us. This kaffir scientist could recognise it, but it chills our bones when super powerful merciful Allah does not even have any knowledge about it.

15) The Gloomy and Foggy Weather: Muslims' religious occasions and rituals depend on the Sun and Moon. Did almighty Allah or Arabians ever see any heavy fog or snow in Arab Deserts? How Muslims other than Arabians would see the Sun and Moon for Namaz, Roza, and Eid if they experience cloudy and smoggy weather from their lands? Why did an almighty substance fail to show the correct path to handle the cloudy and hazy climate to watch the Sun and Moon for rituals? In this case, what should we do? Can anyone explain this?

I asked these above prudent facts to some highly educated Muslims, they were so angry at me first; however, when they were not able to figure those out, they said to me "the problems which are not given in Koran, the Hadiths solved them". Well, that's fine; let me tell you here my reply to them "the problems in which almighty Allah was not able or failed to fix them, how can the Hadiths do? These Hadiths even were NOT written by Prophet Mohamed. Some illiterate Shahabis wrote them." Alright, now, could anyone please show me the correct way for those above 15 claims from the Hadiths besides Holy Koran? If any infidel or non-Muslim wants to accept Islam in the 21st century, she or he would definitely want to know at least those above 15 facts. If one does not care them, she or he would absolutely be the slave of Arab Bedouins in the cave.

(Note: If you have any doubt on my write-up, please visit these links Super-Scientific Religious Scriptures! and Contradictions. I hope you will easily find some related verses from Holy Koran. Or for entire information please click here to read the Koran.)

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